JULIA@NIGHT: The Dumbest Thing We Did When We Were 19When I think about myself at nineteen years old, I want to cry, nap, and go to church. 
Julia's Bad Bitch Check In - Celebrate Yourself!This idea where it's shameful to be proud of yourself has got to go!
Ladies Chime In: Where You'll Find Guys in Metro Detroit That Will Ruin Your LifeUgh ugh ugh.
Metro Detroit Answers: Who Has Hooked Up With a Bedwetter?Everybody knows a person who knows a person. Or it was you.
Metro Detroit Answers: Where Did Your Boob Pop Out?With summer popping up soon, that means somethings will be popping out.
Metro Detroit Answers: The Most Random Place You've Seen an Abandoned WeaveWhere is the most random place YOU'VE seen an abandoned weave?

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