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98.7 AMP Radio Is Hiring Weekend On-Air Talent!

Yup! 98.7 Amp Radio in Detroit is hiring!


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The Top Overrated Jobs!

Jobs that seem ideal apparently are overrated! I’m glad I became a DJ and not a doctor! Jobs that seem glamorous and fun according to really aren’t! PR is one the top majors in […]


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1/5 Turn Down Jobs Because The Block Social Media

With social media being used more and more everyday, survey results from Tomorrow’s Workforce show that one in five job-seekers would turn down a job if the employer banned access to social media. The problem is […]


Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards - 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Justin Bieber’s Vocal Producer Kuk Harrell Explains His Job

When you look at the production credits on an album, a lot of names are listed. There’s a producer, an engineer, songwriters, and often a vocal producer. But what exactly does the vocal producer do? […]


Think it’s cool to work at Hooters? Cool- now lose a few pounds.

Don’t ask why I used this photo, it’s the only one I could find when I searched “Hooters”.  Anyway, this is a local story that is now making national news.  I’m not sure who to […]


Shocker: Jon Gosselin *May* Be Broke

Yeah….that tends to happen when you don’t have a job…..funny how that works. Now he wants Kate Gosselin to PAY HIM!!  Check it out here.


Do You Hate Your Job?

A 22-year-old Michigan man from the West side of the state admitted stabbing himself in the thigh in order to have an excuse for being late to work. The man, whom shall remain nameless (it […]