Gillian's Forever21 finds

Gillian’s Obsession: Forever21 Jewelry

I’m such a big fan of fun summer jewelry but I’m NOT a huge fan of spending a ton of money on it.



Join Us For Ladies Night Out!

Join us at Dominic’s Fine Jewelry for Ladies Night Out and make your perfect wish list!


Domingo Zapata "Life Is A Dream" Art Exhibition

Lindsay Lohan On Jewelry Theft: It Wasn’t Me, It Was Suge Knight’s Son…

So Lindsay Lohan is under investigation by the police again.  Yeah, it’s another day that ends in Y.  This time it’s for jewelry theft.  Again. You might have heard that Linds was a person of […]



Rita Ora Dishes On Sneakers & Jewelry

We often see Ora mixing up high fashion and sneakers, so we wondered how she makes the call between a good sneaker and a pair of heels. Plus, how she layers gold and silver for maximum bling!


Can You Guess The Diva By Her Bling?

We love shiny things and, not shockingly, so do our favorite pop divas! In a sort of selfish effort to check out jewelry, we made a “guess who” game using the accessories of pop goddesses. […]