TI Arrested Again!

So [lastfm]TI[/lastfm] was arrested… again. This time it was for felony drug possession. He and his new wifey Tiny were pulled over Wednesday night after making an illegal U-turn.


Grooves Spins In Jail?

Have you ever partied like you were in… jail? Grooves did, while he was spinning some [lastfm]Notorious B.I.G.[/lastfm] in a former jail-turned-nightclub in Pennsylvania.


How Does Lil Wayne Keep Putting Out Records?

Isn’t he in jail?  Tough to remember that sometimes given the fact that there’s new material out there every week. Check out this new track with Drake….


LiLo Did Not Get Special Treatment In Jail!

This is not the greatest photo ever, but this clown is wearing a free Lohan tee and holding a stop snitching poster.  Wow, if I only had this much free time in my life.  Anyway….


Say It Ain’t So Snooki! Is She Going To Jail Too?

Yes this is a picture of Snooki On Wall St.  Not sure that words can describe what is wrong with this image.  Anyway….


Free Weezy! New Music From Lil Wayne

Real smooth track from Lil’ Wayne, obviously from before he was in jail.  I don’t think he is able to record while behind bars.


What LiLo Can Expect In Jail

What can LiLo expect in jail?


How will it all end?

HOW WILL it all end?  Is Lohan so out of control that the worst coul possibly happen?  The all knowing and powerful Father of the year seems to think so…


Lindsay Lohan’s Court Verdict

As we all know, Lindsay Lohan had her final court trial today. Talk about a girl with a serious roller-coaster for a life. Lindsay Lohan reported to court this morning in front of Beverly Hills […]


Coolio — still gangsta after all these years

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of 90s rap sensation Coolio.   The next gangsta’s paradise he’ll be staying in is jail….. :)   Sorry, couldn’t resist.