Win An iPhone 5 Before You Can Buy It

Next Wednesday, Apple is holding an event where they will be announcing the hottest new phone, the iPhone 5.  We have already had thousands of people asking if we can hook them up with the […]



Hackers Leak Over 1 Million Apple Device ID’s

Well, might as well wrap up the summer of the data security fail with a big one.  Like, Bieber big. Like, Apple just  got hacked for a million Apple Device IDs.  Damn. Apparently the hacker […]


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iPhone 5 Release Date And New Pictures

In usual Apple style, any information on a new iPhone has been kept top secret.  Well, at least they have TRIED to keep things top secret.  They haven’t even officially announced there is a new […]


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Sneak Peek At The New iPhone

If rumors are right, Apple will be releasing their next iPhone come this fall.  Not only are Buck and Coop excited to see what new features it has, but they recently saw a brand new […]


A man shows the smartphone photo sharing

Apps You Should Delete Off Of Your Phone

Everyone loves trying out the newest apps on their smart phones.  I know that I have been bored at times and just downloaded anything that looked fun.  And when it ended up being the worst […]


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University of Michigan Creates App To Help You Examine For Skin Cancer

Phones are becoming more and more important. Researchers from the University of Michigan Health System have developed an app that allows users to screen for skin cancer by using their mobile phones. The free app […]


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Panorama For The iPhone Made Easy!

When you think Panorama, you may think wide angle. But the two are completely different. While I don’t use my iPhone for many photos, I did want to start taking photos of places I have been as a little reminder. I was tired of seeing the same old small photos over and over again. They would only cover so much area, then they would cut off all the good stuff. That’s why I downloaded this cool new app!


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What’s Your Favorite Gadget Of All Time?

There is just something about gadgets that I love. Maybe it’s just fun to do something that a few years back you probably couldn’t do. I mean, I own almost all Apple products. I have an iPhone, iPad, MacBook pro, the Apple TV, and I mean I can keep going on and on. And I truly do use them every day, and they do make my life much easier. But those things are still not my favorite of all time!


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Do You Need Help Finding The ‘Magic Hour’?

When it comes to photography, there is something called the “magic hour” or the “golden hour.” This is the time where the light is just perfect at night for pictures. The amount of natural light is just perfect for pictures to turn out fantastic. But a lot of times, only photographers with experience can tell when that time is. Now, there’s an app for that!


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Do I Dare Buy This?

I have done so well recently when it comes to spending money on random things. I have yet to spend money on the new iPad. I haven’t purchased any new gadgets at all really. But when I saw this new little device for my iPhone, I knew I had to have it. But do I really need it? Help me decide.