iPhone 4s

Control Siri Telepathically!

At this point, it doesn’t get much better than talking to your phone and telling it what to do for you or asking it to help you out with something. However, what could be better […]


Want A More Evil Siri?

“Siri, what are you wearing?” “Glass and steel.” Clearly, it’s a proven factor that Siri has a peculiar sense of humor. But, what if there was something more sinister hiding beneath that small glass surface? […]


Poor Siri! Conan Is Mean!

Siri (the voice of the iPhone 4s) is quickly becoming the world’s favorite personal assistant, even to those real life personal assistants. Among reminding you of when to call or text someone or run an […]


Want To Hide The Newsstand App?

So, you got the new iPhone 4s and/or upgraded to iOS 5 and you’re annoyed with this new App called the Newsstand. Rumor has it there’s a way to hide the App. Well that rumor […]