iPhone 4

Do you remember last week when allegedly there was a prototype iPhone 5 stolen from a bar in San Francisco? Well, wether that alleged story was actually true or not, the story most definitely caused […]


Never Miss A Call With FaceTime!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, Apple has released FaceTime for OS X in the Mac App Store. The app will allow users to take advantage of the […]


What Was Your 2010 Obsession?

According to Yahoo!, there is a list of 2010 obsessions, which, based on sales numbers, do not come as a big surprise to anyone. Did any of your obsessions of 2010 make this list? Coming […]


iPhone 4 antennae song

Those of you with the iPhone 4, of those of you who follow all things Apple, know about the press conference held by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple this past Friday, when he addressed the […]


Steve Jobs addresses issues

“We’re not perfect… neither are phones. But we want to make everyone happy….” Was among a few of the quotes out of Steve Job’s mouth at the Apple press conference on Friday, June 16th. He […]


Chat Roulette Around The World

If you have the new iPhone 4 or even know about what they’re capable of doing then you know there are now 2 cameras; one on the back (as always) and a new one that […]


Will It Blend?

Oh come on. You knew it was coming. I mean, this guy loves his job of finding anything and everything to try and blend up in his state-of-the-art blender. But seriously? Who blends anything other […]


Thinking Of Selling Your Old iPhone?

When the iPhone 4 becomes available (TODAY!), many folks will find themselves with two iPhones: an old one they need to get rid of, and a bright new shiny iPhone 4. If you’re not donating you’re […]



Says the Apple.com website.  That’s right Fan Boys and Girls.  The Apple iPhone 4 is officially available today if you can grasp your sweaty geeky hands on one…


Glee’s Jane Lynch vs iPhone 4

GLEE fans do you love Jane Lynch?  Do you love the iPhone 4?  Then I am sure you will love this!