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Save Your iPhone’s Battery Life With ‘IconSettings’

One of the biggest gripes with the iPhone, including the new iPhone 4 S, is that the battery life is sub-par.  Soon, many realized the fact that the poor battery life wasn’t due to normal […]


Always Looking For The Best? OINK!

There’s a new app for the iOS platform that hopes to help location-based review services where instead of rating the venue itself, it helps you find the best item on the menu, or service at […]


Box Offering 50GB of Storage – FREE! is taking full advantage of the hype surrounding the iPhone 4S release last week. With iCloud now free, and offering a ton of storage and easy wireless syncing between iDevices, Box had no choice […]


Apple iPhone 5! OMG!

Rumor has it the new iPhone 5 comes out tomorrow! Are you excited? I am! However, the rumor wheel has it’s Apple juices flowing like no other right now. Allegedly, Apple is set to unveil […]


5 Web-Base Food Delivery Services

Depending on where you live, a delicious meal can be yours just by opening your web browser. Of course word of mouth from friends is always good, but finding the best grub on your own is even […]


BlackBerry Messenger On iPhone!

Picture this: you have a BlackBerry and your friend has an iPhone, but every time you text it counts because you’re on different operating systems. Well, what if your friend with the iPhone got the […]


iPhone Nano Rumors

What do the alleged iPhone nano and Wall Street currently have in common? Rumors. Due to the recent rumors circling the alleged iPhone nano, workers on Wall Street have been burying their heads in their […]


Finally! Facebook Messenger App!

Have you ever wanted to chat with your friends who are also online on Facebook? Now there’s a great new app in the Apple App Store which relates to Facebook, called


Free Turn-By-Turn Navigation For Android

Of course, iOS had it first on the iPhone, but the Android version of MapQuest’s mobile app has OpenStreetMaps. How d’ya like those apples?


Angry Birds Valentine’s Edition

Angry Birds is definitely one of those games that has taken off in many different forms and is enjoyed by people of all ages. Most Angry Birds players know that the seasons version of the […]