New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox

Dr. Dre Releasing A Smart Phone

First headphones…now a smartphone.  Dr. Dre is staying very busy, but its all outside of the studio…still no Detox


HTC Thunderbolt Juice Up Just Got Easier

Do you own an HTC and wish the Battery life was anything like the iPhone? Well, the inductive-charging backplate for the HTC Thunderbolt just hit the FCC, which means


CES 2011: Day 1 Overview

CES opened today with the latest in smartphones, tablets, 3D, and so much more. The main hub of the convention is at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which was buzzing with excitement over the latest […]


Wireless Phone Charging Has Arrived!

I learned about this great new thing recently that allows HTC EVO users to charge their phones wirelessly. Yes, that means no cords! No tiny little USB plug! All you do is place your phone