VIRAL: Man Gives His Own Clothes to Homeless Man on Subway [VIDEO]So awesome!
Homeless Santa Claus Receives Early Christmas GiftThis will warm your heart!
A Man Did a Social Experiment To See Which Sign People Would Respond to if He Were Homeless- The Results Will Stun You!"Homeless Single Father Needs Money For Family" or "Homeless Need Money For Weed, Drugs, and Alcohol", -which plea tears at your heart strings more?
Freezing Homeless Child In NYC Helped By Someone You Wouldn't Expect [Video]People who aren't homeless and don't have to worry about heat or where their next meal is coming from take things for granted every day.
Miley Cyrus' Homeless VMA Date, Jesse Helt, Has an Arrest WarrantWhile the homeless teen made quite an impact on this year's MTV gala, his heightened profile has brought lingering legal issues to light.
YouTube Prankster Gives Homeless Man $1,000 Lottery TicketA man who goes by the name, 'Rahat the Magician' on YouTube set up a video where a homeless man wins $1,000 from a losing 'lottery ticket.'
MUST SEE: Wow! Abercrombie & Fitch Does What!?
[Video] Sweet Kid Does A Magic Trick For An Excited Homeless Man
Man Pretends To Be Homeless And Makes Tons of Money!
CVS Manager Kills A Guy For Stealing Toothpaste
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