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Neil Patrick Harris Sounds Off On Controversial ‘HIMYM’ Ending

The series finale of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was polarizing, to say the least, but what did the cast members think of the ending?


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HIMYM’s Controversial Ending: What Did You Think Of The Finale?

The series finale of the nine season CBS sitcom has left many wondering: was this an early April Fools’ joke?


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HIMYM Star Responds To Rumors Of Sad Series Finale

Find out what ‘The Mother’ herself had to say about the depressing fan theories!


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Depressing ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Series Finale Theory Might Prove To Be True

Fans of the hit CBS show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ are getting worried that a longtime theory of how the show might end in tragedy could possibly be true.


Watch Tonight: Katy Perry Sexes Up “How I Met Your Mother”

If being pop’s “Teenage Dream” just wasn’t enough, singer  Katy Perry will make her television debut on the CBS hit television show How I Met Your Mother tonight! From the promo’s we’ve seen, she’ll play […]