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Man Turns Cat Into Helicopter!

People do weird things when they are mourning something.  And one man was mourning his cat so much, he thought it would be a great idea to immortalize his cat!  Not only did he find […]


iSuper Helicopter

A Toy Helicopter Controlled From An iPhone!

When I thought that I had seen all the cool stuff for the iPhone already, I was surprised when I saw this cool new toy.  It’s called the iSuper Helicopter, and it’s controlled remotely from […]


Tina Gets Chased By Helicopter

It must be scary to be chased by a helicopter, right? But how about one that’s less than half a foot long? See whether the size of the helicopter makes any difference to Tina…


Buck Head Flies A Helicopter

Always one for action, Buck Head flew his helicopter over the holiday vacation. Yes, his OWN helicopter!