"Fubar II" Premiere - 2010 Toronto International Film Festival

Drinking Beer Can Help Your Muscle Tissue!?

UC Santa Barbara did a little research that can really explain why I drink so much! They conducted research that showed a substance, found in beer could help with the prevention of muscle tissue from […]



Listen To 98.7 AMP Radio And Eat Less!

Yes eating out is a good time but the extra calories your consume hmmm not so awesome!  I have come across a study that shows an easy was to eat less without having to use your […]


Miley Cyrus

Is Miley Cyrus Too Skinny?!

Miley Cyrus showed off her figure when she posted a pic of herself wearing her fiance Liam Hemsworth’s pants.  Many people are saying that Miley is looking way too skinny! Her trainer, Mari Windsor is […]


(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Bored While Exercising? There’s An App For That

I am very upfront that I hate working out. Not just dislike, but hate it! With that said, it’s something we all need to do to keep in shape and enjoy a long and healthy life. It’s not that I don’t see a need for it, I just get super bored during it. A few apps I feel into made the whole routine a lot more interesting!


Too Much Sleep Can Be Harmful

UNBELIEVABLE….Getting too much sleep might be holding you back at work….HUH???


How Katy Perry Stay In Shape

I hit the gym all the time….you know 3-4 times a week…let me stop….


Bacon and Cheese Between Two Pieces of Fried Chicken?

YES!!! What is the “Double Down”?