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High School Girl Fed ‘Semen-Filled’ Cupcakes to Kids Who Picked on Her

Getting sweet revenge is always entertaining, but did this high school student from California took revenge a little too far.

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Golden Corral Employee Shows Raw Meat Left Out By Dumpster

Brandon Huber worked at a Golden Corral in Florida and wanted to show how their management treated the food that was to be prepared for meals that day.  The gross part of the video is […]

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Razor Blade Found In Burger At Burger King

Yolanda Orozco of Willits, California recently went to Burger King where she ordered a burger with no pickles however she must have forgotten to ask for no razor blade!? Luckily she went to check her […]

98.7 AMP Radio–06/12/2013

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Coop’s Court: Laura Confronts Her Sister About ‘Family Bath Time’ With Her Children!

Laura called The Coop Show this morning with a weird dilemma. Apparently, her sister and brother in law have recently become nudists.  And according to Laura, they have become a little inappropriate with their kids. Coop’s Court […]

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Jamie Oliver And Victoria Government Announce Partnership To Tackle Obesity

VIDEO: How Much Fast Food Does America Eat Every Second!?

WOW! I try not to eat too much fast food and when I do I try to make it as healthy as I can (unless its 2am and I am leaving the bar).  However, I […]

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San Jose Sharks v Detroit Red Wings - Game Three

Interns Eat Random Food From The AMP Radio Fridge!

The Red Wings are currently tied to the Blackhawks in the Western Conference Semi Finals, and the winner of the next game goes onto the Western Conference Finals.  To give the Wings some good luck […]

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What You Heard On The Coop Show: 05.28.13

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend, and hope you enjoy a short work week.  To celebrate, the Coop Show had $1,000 for you if you knew the Phrase That Pays.  We also had tickets for […]

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2013 FX Upfront Bowling Event

VIDEO : 5 Things That Are Cleaner Than Your Cell Phone

This caught my attention today!  My cell phone is probably the one thing that I use most in my life and clearly it is the dirtiest thing in my life.  This video shows 5, eye-catching […]

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Did Gillian Pick The Right Color?

The other day, Gillian headed to LUV Mani/Pedi’s for a fresh coat on her finger and toe nails.  Coop saw the new nail polish and while he thinks it looks good, he thinks other colors […]

98.7 AMP Radio–04/30/2013