fun. Dominates Grammy NominationsCliches be damned, it was a fun. night at the GRAMMY Nominations Concert on CBS, with the band performing and getting nominations in all four major categories.
Listen To This Mashup Of Aaliyah And Gotye "Are You That Somebody That I Used To Know?"
Rita Ora On Why She Loves Gotye And ColdplayWhen she covered the most depressing song of the summer, Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know," earlier this year, it was unexpected to say the least.
Lily From Modern Family Goes Viral Singing AdeleBut the pint sized wonder has a YouTube channel where she shows off her chops on Adele, Gotye, Feist and Michael Jackson songs.
Adam Lambert On Katy Perry and Goyte
Five Great (And Five Terrible) Gotye Covers
Zac Efron Cites Phil Collins As Good Mood-Setting Music
Gotye Talks Naked Saturday Night Live Cast Members
Kimbra Talks Goyte "Somebody That I Used To Know"
Coachella in Pictures
Goyte Lands SNL Gig

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