Facebook Beat Out Google in 2010

News flash Google, you’re no longer the top dog. You’ve been replaced, by a larger, more visited website, in 2010. There is hope for you in 2011, but not much. Who are you now falling […]


Can You Guess The #1 Googled Celeb?

Even Google has Bieber Fever! That’s right, Justin Bieber has just topped the chart for the number one most Googled celebrity. Are you surprised? I didn’t think so. Google recently released their 2010 annual “Zeitgeist” chart, […]


Google Spreads Free Holiday WiFi Cheer

The Holiday season is quickly approaching with Thanksgiving just a few days away, which means not only does the shopping pick up, but so does the traveling. This year, to make travel more exciting for […]


What Could Be Easier Than Google?

Generally speaking, I, like most people, use Google whenever I need something, especially when I need to know how to use a certain word or phrase. It’s just easier to ‘Google It.’ When I have […]


Play Snake While Loading You Tube Videos

This is a pretty cool tip I recently learned about You Tube that I wanted to share. When ever you’re in the middle of watching a You Tube video, you can type in the number


Would You Buy A Self-Driving Car?

Google has self-driving cars. Did you read that write? Google has self-driving cars. Google is recognizing their self-driving vehicle as their “first in robotics research,” and they’ve been testing these cars all over


iPhone Gets Google Goggles

If you have an Android, you been able to use Google Goggles for some time now. Google Goggles is the image recognition feature that Google came out with several months back and now, iPhone users […]


Google Video Chat Introduces Image Enhancements

If you have a Gmail account, than chances are you have experience in using the video chat feature. If you’ve not yet used video chat in Gmail, then you’re really missing out. With both my […]


Save Time With Google Instant

Google Instant is much more than just the old school regular google search bar you’re used to and familiar with. It is a major improvement to the way you search on Google, providing you with […]


Unsuck It!

So the other day I was playing around for hours with the most random stuff, like I occasionally do, when I cam across this website called Unsuck It. It’s a website set up like Google […]