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Gmail Becomes Our Best Friend When We’re Drunk!

Gmail is here to say, “I got your back”. You can now “undo send” any embarrassing, mistaken, regretful messages


Google Offers Free Gmail Phone Calls

Google gives back whenever and wherever possible, especially when it comes to supporting our service men and women and even more so when they are over seas on long tours of duty. This Labor Day, […]


Google Introduces People Widget

Last week, Google announced a 2 week roll-out of yet another new Gmail feature that will add a small column alongside every email which will display relevant, contextual information relating to friends and contacts within […]


Man Faces Prison For Reading Wife’s Email

A trial is expected to be held on February 7, 2011 for a Rochester Hills man who could find himself facing prison time. Leon Walker, 33 years old, suspected his now ex-wife was having an […]


Save Your Social Self From Your Drunken Self

Webroot has introduced something new for all you Social Media addicts. It is now possible to save yourself from yourself after you’ve had too much to drink. Some people like to drunk dial, and some […]


Facebook Social Inbox

Facebook made a totally cool announcement yesterday that has changed the messaging platform for interacting with your friends. What this means is that there’s a new way to direct message with your friends through the


Phone Numbers on Death Row

Can you even imagine that one of our greatest inventions, the phone number, is about to face extinction? Just ask Mark Zuckerberg. Earlier this year, when asked if Facebook would be around in 100 years […]