Blondes Cheat More!?

Came accross a study that did and it brought up the idea of blonde women being more likely to cheat.  This website is actually a location where people can go to call out their […]



High School Bans Girls Who Are Pregnant.. Should Michigan?

Is this something you think Michigan schools should think about doing? A charter school in Monroe, LA is banning students who test positive for pregnancy and they supply the test. They reserve the right to […]


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Austin Mahone Dishes On Dating & Music

“My first date was kind of awkward,” Mahone admits.


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#TrendingOnThe10s: Rihanna On A Lesbidate?

Late Thursday night, RIHANNA tweeted talking about the fact that she was going to be going on her first date in almost two years. THEN she was seen holding hands with another woman as they went […]


This Week I learned All Girls Do This

On my show this week I learned all girls do this… I didn’t know this were true until this week, and no I am not talking about making the Duck face on Facebook in which […]


I Was Told To Never Date Girls With These Names

Now none of this is based on my opinion, I don’t date a girl based on her name but I was told don’t ever date a girl with these names because girls with these names […]


Is It True That Girls ACTUALLY Do This?

I had a girl come to my apartment and do this and I thought “wow, what a weirdo!” and when I had girls call in to find out if they do indeed do this, I […]


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Top 10 Jams For Your Summer Workout

It’s summertime and everyone has been working out hard for this year’s beach season. But for those of us who still need some extra motivation, we’re providing everyone with a list of songs to get you […]


Who Says Pretty Girls Don’t Use Androids?

Does your phone depict whether you err on the side of geeky or pretty? Apparently some think so. The CEO of the Android handset-making INQ took improper generalization and sexism to a whole new level […]


Facebook Takes Precedence Over Bathroom

What’s the firs thing you do every morning when you wake up? Turn off your alarm? Yeah, duh. I mean the next thing, once you’re actually alert. Brush your teeth? Use the restroom? Wash your […]