Girls Don’t Like When Their Boyfriends Do This…

I did this topic on my show the other night and I learned when guys do this it really bothers their girlfriends, and I can see why because when I had a girlfriend it bothered […]


I Was Told To Never Date Girls With These Names

Now none of this is based on my opinion, I don’t date a girl based on her name but I was told don’t ever date a girl with these names because girls with these names […]


iPhone Commercial Marriage Proposal

What better way to propose to your girlfriend then to create your own iPhone commercial? This guy named Chad has a pretty awesome story that he and his now fiance (she said yes!) will have […]


New Lohan Lover?

Is LiLo dating a 36 year old masked woman?  Sorry this was just too good to pass up.  You know what?  I don’t even care if this isn’t true.  Seriously, read what I just wrote. […]