(Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Flo Rida Gives Back To Charity, Gives His Cell Number To Fans

Flo is known to really connect with his fans through Twitter, Facebook and even through plain old telephone. “All the social sites come into play when you’re trying to reach your fans,” he said. “From day one I’ve been giving out my cell phone number, so, I mean, that always helps.”


Man Raises Money To Break Up A Band

Did you ever hate a band so much that you just wanted them to break up? Well a Seattle man has decided to start an online fundraiser in order to get the band Weezer to […]


Help Alyssa & Susan G. Komen Fight Breast Cancer

Alyssa J. made the switch to 98.7 AMP Radio, and now she’s asking us for help. Her awesome mom is in remission from breast cancer, and she’s put together a team for the Susan G. […]