Friends Visiting Detroit !

So if you didn’t already know I am the new guy around the 987 AMP Radio hallways!  I was born and raised in Boston then moved to New York, then Indianapolis and now happy in Detroit! Through […]



Rita Ora Liked Drake So She Put A Ring On It

Drake calls the ring one of the most important things in his collection of accessories and Rita says, “He’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.”


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Lady Gaga Visits Hipster Heaven

Gaga turned up at the Pitchfork Music Festival this weekend to show support for her friend and labelmate, Kendrick Lamar. Speculation was rampant about whether the pop star would be taking the stage.


draw somethign

Are You Drawing Something Yet?

I never thought I’d ever say this, but I actually thank those on The Jersey Shore for turning us all onto one of the best smartphone apps out there. Draw Something is a fun little game you play with friends that is basically like Pictionary. And you find me on there and play against me. Just search up BUCKRADIO!


How Does Facebook Suggest Friends To You?

Ever wonder how Facebook seems to know who you should be friends with? I did, and it slightly creeped me out. So I did some research.


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Keep Track Of Your ‘UnFriends’ On Facebook

You can keep track of a ton of different things on Facebook.  You can see how many friends you have.  You can even remember certain birthdays that you may otherwise forget.  And now, you can […]


7 Reasons You Got Rejected!

You stumbled across and old friend, loved one, ex, someone, anyone, and decided to send them a good old Facebook friend request… only to find out in an absurdly quick amount of time that you […]


Cool New Group Texting App!

There’s a cool new app in town called Groupme that allows users to link their Foursquare account to Groupme, and in turn, access an interface of all their Foursquare friends within the vicinity of their […]


Facebook Photo Tagging Made Easier

I would confidently say that nine times out of ten, Facebook recognizes faces and can practically auto-tag people in your photos for you. This improvement is huge in the world of Facebook, especially with an […]


Top 10 Classic Sitcom Christmases

Last month we brought you our Top 10 Classic Sitcom Thanksgivings. In the spirit of the season, we now give you our Top 10 Classic Sitcom Christmases.