Friend Request

(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Keep Track Of Your ‘UnFriends’ On Facebook

You can keep track of a ton of different things on Facebook.  You can see how many friends you have.  You can even remember certain birthdays that you may otherwise forget.  And now, you can […]


Friending The Ex On Facebook

Sooooo many relationship issues happen on Facebook…It can get very messy.  So what about the ex’s?? Like being friends with the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? Have the rules or boundaries been established?


7 Reasons You Got Rejected!

You stumbled across and old friend, loved one, ex, someone, anyone, and decided to send them a good old Facebook friend request… only to find out in an absurdly quick amount of time that you […]


Was Your Friend Request Declined?

Have you ever found one of the professionals in your life on Facebook? Say, your dentist, or doctor? If so, did you happen to come across pictures of them pounding beers at a racy Halloween […]