Friday the 13th

New Year's Eve 2012 In Times Square

In Honor of Friday the 13th, 5 Weird Celebrity Superstitions

Ahh, Friday the 13th.  A normal day for most, a terrifying tribulation certain to end in a painful, gory death for some (overly superstitious) others.  Whether you’re superstitious or not, you’ll get a laugh out […]


Happy Friday The 13th!!!

Well, today is the day that some peeps are afraid of or should I say superstitious of….the INFAMOUS FRIDAY THE 13th…MUHAHAHAHAHA!  When you combine an historically unlucky day (Friday) with an unlucky number (13), all […]


Happy Friday The 13th!

Friday the 13th happens at least once a year due to the modern calendar. Like last year, there’s just one this year, but watch out: there are three in 2012 (January, April, July).  When you combine an historically […]