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Police Act On Tip On Whereabouts Of Jimmy Hoffa's Body In Suburban Detroit

Michigan Pro-Union Dude Assaults Fox News Reporter

A Fox News contributor named Steven Crowder got attacked yesterday at a pro-union rally in Lansing, Michigan… There’s video of it on YouTube, and it’s obvious they did NOT appreciate his point of view.  Most of them […]


Governor Chris Christie Visits "Fox & Friends"

Fox News Airs Carjacker Shooting Himself On Live TV

Fox News aired a live car chase in Phoenix Friday that ended with the suspect shooting himself. Shepard Smith was giving play-by-play of the car chase. The carjacking suspect got away from police, jumped out […]


Governor Chris Christie Visits "Fox & Friends"

Fox & Friends Got Pranked By A Barack Obama Supporter On Live TV

An aspiring comedian pretended to be a former supporter for President Barack Obama and appeared on the “Fox & Friends” morning show during a segment that suggested the unemployment rate for people 18-24 could cost […]


Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Adam Levine Tweets Fox News Network

Outspoken pop star Adam Levine has called on bosses at TV network Fox News to stop using his band’s music – because he doesn’t agree with their right wing politics and he said it in […]



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