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New And Improved Carnival Food?

Everyone loves fried foods.  And Buck claims he is a fried food expert.  His favorite might be a corn dog, but I think that if he went to a carnival or county fair any time […]


The International Culinary Center Launches New Fifth Floor Event Space

So Apparently The Five Second Rule Is True. Kind Of…

So turns out the Five Second Rule is actually scientifically proven.  Kind of.  If you don’t know the five second rule, basically it says that if you drop food on the floor you have five […]


chicken and waffles

Are You OK With Breakfast For Dinner?

On nights were my wife and I really don’t want to go all out and cook dinner, we resort to breakfast for dinner. Most of the time it’s an omelet or even pancakes. After watching an episode on Food Network, we decided to try chicken and waffles for the first time!


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Your Daily App Fix!

Some apps on your smart phone, you may use everyday, however, some of them are used only a few times before you decide to delete them.  But I found a few apps that are well […]



Host Your Own NYE Party – Food Ideas

Since New Years Eve parties tend to start later at night, it is good to not plan heavy meals for your guests, but rather light appetizers and desserts to snack on until the ball drops. […]


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What Is Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side? Vote Here!

Thanksgiving is a week away! I’m sure we are all looking forward to different things: giving thanks, visiting with family, cooking, and of course eating! What’s a Thanksgiving without some great food?! Whether it’s your […]


Beyonce Breakfast – Pregnancy Craving Feast

We ask co-workers to try our pregnancy craving combos. Pickles on Oreos and pickles with peanut butter. Take a bite..


A Snack To Help With Weight Loss

Like nuts??? Well, these nuts are coming out of the closet….and if you didn’t know, they can help you with fitting into that bathing suit you bought for your vacation coming up.


Memorial Day Essentials: Top Five Desserts

Want to make your Memorial Day one to remember? If you add these delicious treats to your menu, you can’t go wrong! Find out how to make your desserts a hit amongst all your guest.


The One Food You Can Eat Any Time Of The Day

It’s lunch time, Shay Shay is hungry and I just saw a pizza commercial on the TV.  Pizza is my favorite….Pizza is one food that I could eat ANY time of the day…what’s yours???