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Major Food Chain Admits To Using GMOs

In an age of fast food, people are attempting to eat healthy when they can.  Many people are worried about foods that have been genetically modified, or GMOs.  A major fast food chain that claims […]

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Jamie Oliver And Victoria Government Announce Partnership To Tackle Obesity

VIDEO: How Much Fast Food Does America Eat Every Second!?

WOW! I try not to eat too much fast food and when I do I try to make it as healthy as I can (unless its 2am and I am leaving the bar).  However, I […]

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How To Eat Healthy At Fast Food Restaurants

Here is a break down each place and what you should order. Obviously getting fast food is not a good first choice for a meal, but depending on your lifestyle, it’s inevitable!

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McDonalds Q2 Profit Drops 4.5 Percent On Stronger Dollar, Tougher Competition

Guy Threatens to “Shoot Up” McDonald’s

Ok so we all know that when you order fast food or basically any drive through there is a 50 50 chance they will get your order right.  Even today when I ordered my coffee I ordered a […]


Top 10 Late Night Snacks

It’s a late night, you just left the bar or club with your friends and you have the munchies, need some food to soak up all that liquid, so what do you get to eat? […]


Have You Had One Yet?

I know it looks like heaven. Or it could send you there via a massive coronary! What is on the Brand new KFC sandwich the “Double Down?


Bacon and Cheese Between Two Pieces of Fried Chicken?

YES!!! What is the “Double Down”?


Secret Menus Revealed!

What is a “Mc10:35” ? You can get it at McDonald’s…