Are You Prepared?: Bon Appetit’s Thanksgiving Checklist

It’s Thanksgiving!  Are you ready to baste some turkey, give thanks for your loud but lovable family, make a wish on a wishbone and scarf down some pumpkin pie? Probably not as ready as this […]


Is Your Or Your Child’s Personality Set For Life?

I have a confession to make to you. While I am a geek by most qualifying standards of the definition, my family members, so far, do not share similar interests. Some progress has definitely been […]


Fun Facebook Annoyances

Facebook is a fun place to be.  You can call anyone from your closest relative to some acquaintance you knew way back in high school a “friend” and not feel awkward because of it.  Friends […]


Are You THAT Person?

Everyone has those friends or knows that person who is just so annoying and never quits. I know people who consistently say “I’m just sayin’” or the refer to everyone as “bro” or “boss.” I’m […]


SHUT UP DAD love, Lindsay

We have all had that same moment in life.  For some it is bearable for others it is just down right detrimental.  The day our dad embarrasses us.  Well Lindsay Lohan seems to live with […]


What’s Your FAMILY FEUD?

Its really kind of Sad that Kate hasn’t seen her brother in 2 years…