Mom Finds Awkward Art In Pop-Up Book

You won’t believe what Michelle found in a pop-up book. She found a piece of art that resembles something that definitely shouldn’t be in a kid’s book! It really shouldn’t POP UP!


Saving Abel Butchers The National Anthem In Michigan

[lastfm]Saving Abel[/lastfm] front man attempted to perform the National Anthem at this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series CARFAX 400 at Michigan International Speedway. We’re not sure if they had a rough night at their Free […]


Proof That Idol Is On It’s Last Leg

See this guy? He is the cop from The [lastfm]Village People[/lastfm]. And wait till you hear what he has to say…..


Computer Call Center (Guy Goes Nuts)

This is a actual call to a computer buying call center. If you want to buy a computer this is not the salesman you want helping you…


Twitter Dance (Song)

Just when you thought I couldnt find a worst song about Twitter I am here to prove you wrong!


Tweeting All Day Long! (Song)

Worst techy song I have heard all day. Why do songs like this get almost a million hits.


Heather Locklear ARRESTED!!!

Heather Locklear was arrested Saturday night around 4am after she drove her BMW onto a curb and over a No Parking sign in Westlake Village, CA!  Then she peaced out and fled the scene….ummmm#FAIL Police ended […]


Bond 23….Not So Much!!!

The economy has even affected 007…AKA…Bond, James Bond!  Filming of Bond 23 has been suspended indefinitely because of the financial state of MGM studios!  The producers of Bond 23 have no idea if and when […]


Don’t Do It Guys!

10 of The Biggest Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make Don’t you hate it when you think you meet a great guy online – and then he totally blows it? From moving too fast to giving […]


March Morons – Dunk FAIL!

With the tournament in full swing (go STATE) we just stumbled upon a great bball clip. This one shows a geeky kid messing around in the driveway, jumping up to grab his basketball rim. The kid […]