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DWTS Week 7 Elimination

Last night on Dancing With The Stars, not sure which was bigger news, who actually got kicked off or Justin Bieber  being on the show!!! But I guess one was a surprising shocker and one […]


Dancing With The Stars Cast Revealed!

FINALLY….after much speculation and gossip….the rumors have been layed to rest! The new Dancing With The Stars cast for season 13 has been revealed!!!


Dancing With The Stars New Cast…LEAKED!!!

The announcement OFFICIALLY happens tonight….but names have been leaked of who will appear on the new season of DWTS


Kirstie Alley Gets Dropped On DWTS

Kirstie Alley and partner Makism Chmerkovsky had a tumble in the opening moments of their performance on Dancing With The Stars last night.  Soooo let the speculation begin…..did his knee give out on him, was […]


Chris Brown’s DWTS Performance

Chris Brown was the guest performer on Dancing With The Stars last night…after his blow up on Good Morning America, how did his appearance on DWTS go?


DWTS Judge Tells Producers To Keep Him Away From Guest Performer Tonight

Fans of “Dancing With the Stars” already know that host Tom Bergeron has a quick wit — always ad-libbing little comments on the fly.   So why is he telling DWTS producers that they might […]


Brandy Tweets About DWTS Finale

Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough win Dancing With The Stars…in a 3 hour finale….OMGEEEEEE…


Bristol Palin Conspiracy Theory On DWTS

The Tea Party???? Vote For The Underdog???  There’s been a lot of conspiracy theorizing about Bristol Palin’s survival on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ even after so many clearly stronger competitors have been eliminated.


Dance Marathon On Dancing With The Stars

It was Rock ‘n’ Roll night on “Dancing With The Starts” (Mon., 8PM ET on ABC), and for the episode’s finale, the contestants found themselves stuck between a rock … and a hard place. ‘DWTS’ […]


Brandy Wants To Date Again

On “Dancing with the Stars,” Brandy admitted that it’s been a while since she’s been intimate with a man. In an interview with Life & Style, she explains why…