Music Rocks TV: Lady Gaga Works Her Pearls On “The View”

Mother Monster showed up to co host and perform on The View this morning.  Check out the black & white ensemble and matching piano when she performed.  She also told the ladies that she doesn’t […]


Aaron Carter Claims Michael Jackson Gave Him Cocaine

Aaron Carter, has been speaking about new details of his friendship with Michael Jackson, including claims that the King of Pop gave him COCAINE, reports USA Today.


Decode Secret Texts

Do you know what the text in the photo above means? Do you know what this means: %*@:-( ? Or this: ~~#ZZZZZZ ? If you just answered “no” to those questions, you are definitely not a […]


Jersey Shore Cast Members Doing Drugs? Never….

Really?  It took a year for this story to come out?  I could have told you about this allegation 5 minutes into the first episode.  Maybe it’s my upbringing 10 minutes from the Jersey border. […]


Tila Tiquila To Celeb Rehab With Dr. Drew

Where’s our stock Tila Tequila pic…..oh yeah…here it is: Lovely.  Mom and dad are proud I’m sure. So appearently she was addicted to snorting Ambien, and googling herself.  Oh and Tweeting too…..seriously.  Check out the […]


“A Unicorn Took Me to Blueberry Island”

Remember David after the dentist? A girl is filmed while under anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth removed. She says it feels like a unicorn took her to a magical palace. I want some of that […]


Remember this pic of LiLo from earlier in the week?

A story about LiLo that might make you feel sorry for her….or not


Dear LiLo— you have a powdery white substance on your shoes. You’re welcome. Hugs and Kiss, Grooves

Ummmm yeah….so insert your own punchline to this joke…..Read more here.