Video: Dog Plays Dead After Fake Shooting!

This is one trick that I have ALWAYS wanted to teach my dogs, but they never seem to catch on.  Someone actually taught their dog to play dead after he uses his fingers to “shoot” […]


(Photo by Stephen Morton/Getty Images)

77 Pound Dachshund Aims To Lose Weight!

In some respects, Obie is your normal dachshund.  He is loving, and enjoys being around a ton of people.  But that is where he draws the line.  Where a normal weight for a dachshund is 32 lbs, […]


Think Your Neighbor Sucks? This guy Is Worse

I usually keep most of my posts to music, since…well, I work at a music radio station and most of my jobs involve music. But this story out of Monroe is kind of a tearjerker. […]


Stylish Shoes, Not So Stylish Walk

I like to laugh. A lot. And I especially love to laugh at animals, especially my own. This however, is not my dog, which makes it even funnier. I genuinely laughed out loud and turned […]


Dog Person or Cat Person?

It makes no difference in the world if you’re a dog person or a cat person. Regardless, this is one of the sweetest, most innocent videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. I think if circumstances […]


Buck Head’s Dog In Hiding?

This is hands down the cutest video Buck Head has recorded in a while. His dog Bubba is in hiding somewhere in the closet… can you see him?


Coming to a Hot Dog Stand Near You

I love hot dogs, they are bad for in you almost every way, the “almost” being the bun. Problem solved


Buck Head’s Dog Meets The Basketball

What would happen if Buck Head‘s little dog, Bubba, had a big ‘ol basketball to play with? Conveniently, it’s all caught on video…


Dog Hates Birthday Song!

When I was a Kid I refused to go out to Eat on my Birthday


Dog vs iPad

This dog goes through 3 emotions while playing with his new iPad (bark more to watch)