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Justin Bieber Faces Disaster In Europe

Justin Bieber hysteria has reached an all new high. Currently in Europe to promote his June 19 release of Believe, European fans just can’t seem to get enough of Bieber. While numerous fans have been […]


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Wedding Hit By Tornado!

Nothing is worse than someone doing something stupid that ruins your wedding.  The only thing I can think that is worse is when the weather interrupts your wedding day!  A recent wedding made the news […]



#TrendingOnThe10s: Is Rihanna Destroying Her Liver With Alcohol?

We’re seeing a lot of pics RIHANNA lately and ALL seems to be doing is taking her clothes off! Well…and partying. It looks like all of this  . . . and that might be catching […]


Whirlpool To Close Plants, Cut 3000 Jobs

Parents Put Their Kid In A Dryer!

This is some of the worst parenting I have ever seen!  This is worse than not paying attention to what your kid is doing.  This couple actually put their kid in a dryer at a […]


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#TrendingOnThe10s: Russell Brand vs. Katy Perry

Russell Brand was on Ellen yesterday and he was surprisingly quite the gentlement when he spoke about his ex-wife Katy Perry. He said that even though it didn’t work out he still thinks she’s a […]


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Would You Pay $1,500 For A Hot Dog?

When it comes to spending money, I try my hardest to not spend too much.  But when cool new gadgets come out, it’s hard for me to not get the best of the best.  But […]


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What Have You Done For Revenge?

We read an article about a dentist that got revenge on her ex-boyfriend by pulling out ALL of his teeth.  While that is probably one of the worst cases of revenge we have ever seen, […]


Buck and Coop

Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (4.25.12)

On today’s show: #TrendingOnThe10s was FULL of Tim Tebow’s virginity, Rosie O’Donnell is hatin’ on Lindsay Lohan, and Obama and slow jams.  Nobody can Beat Coop yet, and he has raised his record to 10-o. […]


2012 Coachella Music Festival - Day 3

5 Signs Rihanna May Be Crazy

Social media has brought us closer than ever to some of the most famous people in the world. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, we get unfettered access to what stars think about everything from their […]


21st International Tattoo Convention

Which Celeb Let Their 8-Year-Old Tattoo Them?

The idea of having your 8-year-old child give you a tattoo is beyond outrageous… but not for this Dad! Apparently there is a new way to have some father-daughter bonding time.