Jackson Judge LEAPS Over Bench at DefendantYou don't want to mess with this Michigan judge.
WATCH: Man Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison Flings Feces At People In CourtOhio Man Flings His Feces In Court ~ @RatAndPuffShow
Courts are Allowing Rap Lyrics as Evidence in Criminal TrialsNotice to the rappers of the world: be careful of what you write about, as it could very well land you behind bars instead of penning them, even if the lyrics have no direct correlation to the alleged crime.
Two Neighbors Argue About A Loud Dog On Coop's Court
Coop's Court Is Out Of Control!
Michigan Judge Holds Himself In Contempt For His Smartphone
Detroit Man Freestyle Raps His Defense In Court
Did Carly Rae Rip Off "Call Me Maybe"!? #TrendingOnThe10s
Rihanna To Chris Brown: "Praying For You Baby"Rihanna's prayers must have worked. While Chris Brown's failed drug test threatened to ruin the singer's probation, the judge gave him a break.
Will She Go To JAIL?
Lindsay Lohan's Court Verdict
Lindsay Gets The SMACK Laid Down

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