Concert Tickets

Samantha From Troy Won Gotye and Owl City Tickets!

Samantha Broke Robert Pattinson’s Heart For Concert Tickets!

This whole Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart scandal has thrown Buck and Coop for a loop.  They seriously almost cried when the news broke. But since Kristen isn’t having the best time with the scandal, we thought […]


Human Piñata

Coop Gets Attacked By A Baseball Bat!

This morning, Buck and Coop had to test a game they are playing this Saturday for Cinco de Mayo.  They call is the Human Piñata, and it’s exactly what you think.  This morning, Coop had […]


Video: Free Ticket FREAK OUT – Rihanna

It happens when you least expect it.  Concert tickets to see your Favorite 98.7 Amp Radio artist…Its a FREE TICKET FREAK OUT! This week Buck Head & Who is Kenny Valentino shocked Amy in Clinton […]


$1,000…Claim Your Money!!!

$1,000…$1,000…$1,000…I know we could all use it, but Shay Shay is letting you know how to GET IT!!! A new Apple iPad…Apple iPad…Apple iPad…if you’ve been wanting one, Shay Shay is letting you know how […]



WIN Amp Live tixs this week every hour between 7a-9p!  Taio Cruz and Shontelle June 4, at the Royal Oak Music Theater! Oh yeah…you can’t buy these tixs, you can only WIN them w/The New […]


I Told Everyone About Lady Gaga Tix At 8pm But…

Everyone called BEFORE 8pm anyway! If you call at times other than the contest time that I announced, I can’t help you… because…