Colorado Movie Shooting


Aurora, CO Survivor Wants A Slow Painful Death For James Holmes

I think there’s a lot of people who agree with that statement.  22 year old Carli Richards, survivor of the movie theater massacre, feels strongly about what James Holmes sentencing should be.  Richard tells TMZ […]


"Dark Knight" Star Christian Bale Visits Aurora, CO After Theater Shootings

Christian Bale Visited Victims Of ‘Dark Knight’ Movie Theater Massacre

Batman himself, Christian Bale, visited the victims of the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado on Tuesday. The star of “The Dark Knight” trilogy went to a medical center in Aurora to offer his condolences […]


Gunman Kills 12 At Screening of The Dark Knight Rises

A Victim of the Colorado Theater Shootings Amazing Survival Story….

Stories from movie goers and shooting victims are now being told and embraced.  I can’t even imagine the nightmare’s they must have from what was suppose to be a fun night out at the movies. […]


Gunman Kills 14 at Screening of The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Massacre….Why Did It Happen?

Usually on a Friday everyone is super excited for the weekend.  Batman fans are double excited right now, or shall I say were excited with the release of  The Dark Knight Rises which opens up today. […]