chocolate treats in new york city

11 Exotic Chocolates for a Sweeter Easter

Fancy some Pop Rocks Truffles or an Enchanted Mushroom? We found 11 exotic chocolate treats to make your Easter even tastier.


An Edible Chocolate Website!

There is a Portuguese brewing company that has launched a new beer. Not just any beer, a chocolate flavored beer! Yes, you read that right! When the launch was complete, they unveiled the new product […]


Top 5 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is HERE! TODAY! Guys, get with it. Be sure to buy something on your way home if you haven’t already, but if you have, or even if you haven’t, don’t let it be […]


Helpful Valentine’s Day Apps

Valentine’s Day is a highly celebrated Holiday all over the World. Whether it’s flowers, chocolate, or other tokens of your love and infatuation for your significant other, the App Store has


Valentine Gifts For The Geeks You Love

It’s February. Aside from Groundhog’s Day, the Super Bowl, award ceremonies and winter in most parts of the country, February is also home to Valentine’s Day. That’s right, wether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s Day surrounds […]


Drunken Babies Sell Chocolate

L’universe de Chocolate has a new ad campaign to promote its Chocolate with Whisky truffles. No, it’s not a scantily clad woman on a bed or a happy couple enjoying a truffle while walking arm […]


Sex Diet Pt. 3

Ok, so we started out with foods like eggs, celery and Brazil beans…but I saved the best for last!  Did you know Chocolate can help you have better sex???? Click more to find out why???


Would you EAT Bacon with your Chocolate?

Found this on the FOOD Network last night.  Do you love Bacon Hmmm yes.  Do you love Chocolate?…