Matt Lauer aint no Cheta!

At least that’s what Meredith Viera is saying.  When a man is caught there is always one person who tries to protect them.  Is this the case with Mat Lauer?


So Mother’s Day is this weekend….

Ahhh Mother’s Day….a perfectly innocent Hallmark holiday, right?  Wrong.  Check out this article about spouses that cheat— AS A RESULT OF MOTHER’S DAY.  Who knew it was that serious?


Chilli Dishes On Cheating

Former TLC member [lastfm]Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas [/lastfm]unleashed on her blog today on the topic of cheating. You’re not going to believe what she has to say.


So it’s not always the guy that cheats

Fergie says she used to be the cheater in her relationships.  That is until she met Joshy-poo.  Yes that’s what she calls her husband.  Read more here from Elle.


Take a Number

In case you weren’t sure, Tiger Woods is officially a d-bag. Not only did he allegedly sleep with porn stars, cocktail waitresses, Ihop servers, and escorts, he also reportedly got with his neighbor’s daughter.


Tiger Woods: The Neighbors Know His Name, Apparently

More fun Tiger news.  Turns out he was just “being a good neighbor” when he allegedly hooked up with his 21 year old neighbor WITHIN SIGHT of his house WHILE HIS WIFE WAS HOME.


Pro Tip: When Cheating On Spouse, Don’t Video Tape It.

What’s with this dude?  I admit I had no idea who he was until a few weeks ago with all the Sandra Bullock cheating allegations.   Now there’s a story coming out about how he VIDEOTAPED […]


How much will Sandra Bullock’s cheating hubby get in the divorce?

He gets NOTHING.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.   THAT is called karma.


If You Could Kill One Person..

and get away with it, Who would it be? Cosmo’s editor-in-chief, Kate White likes to daydream, saying, “If I could murder one celebrity, my first instinct is to say…


SHOCKER! Sandra Bullock Getting A Divorce

I know, I’m as shocked as you are.  After being cheated on by her soon to be ex hubby, she is not returning home and seeking a divorce.  Sad face.  Read more here.