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Kat Von D Dumps Deadmau5!

Guess these two didn’t make beautiful music together! Yesterday the “L.A. Ink” star took to Twitter to share the news. Kat Von D made some serious allegations against her former DJ fiance. Cheating on your […]

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The Coop Show Daily Podcast (03.01.13)

If you didn’t catch today’s Coop Show, you missed out on a ton of DRAMA!  We had a woman called in saying that she was the “other woman” in a relationship.  Listeners called in for […]

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Tiger’s Nike Commercial gets Twisted

After seeing the original yesterday, You KNEW there would be MANY Tiger Woods Nike parody commercials – mocking the latest one of him hearing his deceased father speak to him. These are priceless!


Take a Number

In case you weren’t sure, Tiger Woods is officially a d-bag. Not only did he allegedly sleep with porn stars, cocktail waitresses, Ihop servers, and escorts, he also reportedly got with his neighbor’s daughter.


Tiki Barber: Wonderful husband or Tiger #2?

Yes, these are the things I ponder in my spare time. Did this girl sleep with former NFL player / Today show correspondent Tiki Barber WHILE HIS WIFE WAS 8 MONTHS PREGGERS?  Scandalous.  Check it […]


If You Could Kill One Person..

and get away with it, Who would it be? Cosmo’s editor-in-chief, Kate White likes to daydream, saying, “If I could murder one celebrity, my first instinct is to say…