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Channing Tatum Cracks Us Up With His Sexiest Moves Yet!Okay, Channing... we see you!
Find Out Which Movie Channing Tatum REALLY Wishes He Could Take Back!Find out which movie that Channing Tatum says he wishes he'd never done!
Channing Tatum Acting Out 'Magic Mike' Scenes Written By Kids is Pretty AdorableDon't worry, these little kids did not actually see "Magic Mike" they just imagined what a movie called "Magic Mike" would be like.
Six Strange Things We Learned About Channing Tatum from His Reddit AMATatum completed a Reddit AMA answering user-submitted questions on topics ranging from Jonah Hill to Magic Mike fans to the weird things he eats.
Channing Tatum Twerking It at the L.A. Pride Parade Will Be The Hottest Thing You See All DayYes, it is as hot as it sounds. And it's free.
Channing Tatum Goes Undercover As Old Man, Tricks Crowd At 'Magic Mike XXL' Screening [VIDEO]Channing Tatum took a page from Johnny Knoxville's book at a 'Magic Mike XXL' screening!
WATCH: The 'Magic Mike XXL' Trailer Is Here!You're welcome ladies!
Is '21 Jump Street' Getting A Female Reboot?Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill made the remake of 21 Jump Street a huge success, but is there a female reboot in the making?
Report: Sony Has Plans For Another 'Ghostbusters' Film With Dan Aykroyd And Channing TatumIs there even MORE 'Ghostbusters' action on the way?
See The First Official Trailer For 'Magic Mike XXL' [VIDEO]The boys are back!
Taylor Swift Is a 'Sorcerer,' According to Channing TatumTaylor Swift, the baby whisperer? According to Channing Tatum has a magical power over his little girl that he just can't explain.
Channing Tatum Talks Pedicures, Daughter's Poop Face & Reunites With Imaginary Friend On 'Jimmy Kimmel'! [VIDEO]As if we need another reason to love Channing Tatum!
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