Cell Phone

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

A Nation Wide Ban On Cell Phone Usage While Driving?

With the rise of devices like smart phones and even different hand free devices, different states, including Michigan, have put a ban on using the devices while driving.  So talking and texting while on your […]


2011’s Blingiest Cell Phone Covers

Aside from a giant showroom at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) filled with blingy cell phone accessories, these items are starting to hit smaller businesses, such as at the mall. Many of these products […]


Time Traveler In Charlie Chaplin Movie Talking On Cell Phone

As we all know, there were no cell phones back in 1928. However, an Irish filmmaker, named George Clarke has discovered something rather unusual in extra footage from Charlie Chaplin’s film, “The Circus”.


Dirty Cell Phone Touch Screens

If have ever had, or currently have, the slightest bit of obsessive compulsive disorder for things being clean, Mysophobia, scientifically, then do yourself a favor and don’t proceed to read this article! I know, you […]


Your Organs Can Send Status Updates To Your Phone

Can you imagine a future so technologically advanced that your body organs are capable of sending status updates to your phone and your body can be connected to the internet? Hard to believe, yes, but […]


Sexy Cell Phone?

Do you have a sexy Cell Phone?  Guys click more to find out


Grooves Gets Punked

A totally unsuspecting Grooves got punked here in the AMP studio… and it all got on tape! Check out what happened…