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Be Safe On The Road: There’s A New Driving School For Dogs

I’ve always been the type of person who said ‘If you dress your pet in clothes you are a weird-o’. I’m sad to announce that my fiance and I now dress our dog Charlie in […]



Michigan Teen Drives Grandma’s Car On Top Of Another Car

Remember driving a car for the first time? Remember crashing Grandma’s car on top of another? A 13-year-old girl with keys to her grandmother’s car parked it on top of another vehicle in a Michigan […]


"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" San Diego Comic-Con Fan Event

Twilight Fan Killed Outside Comic-Con

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A Twilight fan was struck by a car and killed while waiting in line to get into a Comic-Con session Tuesday. San Diego Police Lt. Andrea Brown says 53-year-old woman had […]


get a car

Buck And Coop Help Get A Car For A Family In Need

Buck and Coop say then will do ANYTHING for a listener.  And when they say anything, that is EXACTLY what they mean.  Last week, they had a caller named Fran that wanted to help out […]


GM EN-V Electric Prototype Vehicle

Most cars these days are oversized, obnoxious, road hogs. Of course, this may or may not include the drivers inside. And having a big rig comes in handy when you’ve just bought a load of […]


Would You Buy A Self-Driving Car?

Google has self-driving cars. Did you read that write? Google has self-driving cars. Google is recognizing their self-driving vehicle as their “first in robotics research,” and they’ve been testing these cars all over


Get Your Carstache Now Before They Sell Out

 Move over Shamwow.  The newest and most useless product you can buy from the internet is the Carstache.  Yes this is real and yes you can buy one.  Check it out here.