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Internet Votes to #ExilePitbull In Walmart Campaign

How much do you want Pitbull to perform in your town, at the local Walmart? Probably not as much as the Internet want to send him to a remote corner of Alaska.


No Email Day 11/11/11 – Can You Do It?

As I posted about last week, the email turns 40 this month and despite plenty of challenges from rival forms of messaging, it is still very much alive and is still growing. I don’t think […]


“If You Don’t Have An iPhone…”

Unless you live in a deep, dark hole, you may have seen the continued campaign by Apple: “if you don’t have an iPhone…”. They began showing two new iPhone 4 commercials about a week ago, […]


Steamy Old Spice Guy Campaign Pays Off

It’s definitely not an easy task to engineer a viral video, and even harder when that video is an advertisement. But when it happens, the payoff can be huge. Sales of Old Spice body wash


All Good Things Must Come To An End

Say it ain’t so! It’s been fun, but all things must come to an end.  Has there ever been a more dramatic example of the right and wrong of how to do social media campaigns […]