Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (08.31.12)

Today’s show was a great way to finish off a week, and start a long weekend.  Buck and Coop sent you off to your Labor Day Weekend with a ton of stuff that you can […]


Screen Shot from iPhone

Buck And Coop Love Their Apps!

There are so many cools apps out for smart phones right now, you could literally spend hours downloading and playing with them, only to really keep just a few.  You probably have the Facebook app […]



Buck Head Discusses Prince Harry On TMZ Live!

One of the biggest stories right now is how Prince Harry was caught partying pretty hard in Las Vegas, and some random person thought it would be great to snap a few naked pictures of […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (08.20.12)

Monday morning was kicked off in true Buck and Coop fashion!  Buck and Coop talked about how one of them cheated on their woman, and exactly how they reacted.  Coop also described his experience with […]


@buckandcoop on Instagram

Did You Know Buck And Coop Are On Instagram?

Unless you are living under a rock, you have Instagram installed on your phone!  If not, you better wake up!  Instagram is this awesome photo sharing website that with a few clicks of your phone, you […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (08.14.12)

Lots of crazy stuff happened on Buck and Coop this morning.  The big talk yesterday was that Miley Cyrus basically shaved off half of her hair, and died it bleach blond!  Well, Coop decided to […]



Freak Accident Leaves Coop Speechless!

People always say that freak accidents won’t ever happen to them.  And when they do, it is pretty scary!  Well, Coop actually had a freak accident that literally left him speechless.  He injured his vocal […]



Buck And Coop Give Mikey V An Early Mornings Wake Up Call!

Buck and Coop thought it would perfect to give 98.7 AMP Radio’s new night guy, Mikey V, a very warm welcome to Detroit!  Now, being a night guy, they know that Mikey V probably stayed […]


Chelsea Gheesling In Studio

‘Big Brother’ Recap With Buck And Coop

Dearborn, Michigan native, Dan Gheesling, is a current coach on on Big Brother, and his team is still up and running on season 14.  While it didn’t look so good for Dan a few weeks ago, things […]


Buck and Coop visit with Marina and the Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds ‘Taps That’ With Buck And Coop

Buck and Coop were visited by Marina and the Diamonds, and they weren’t too sure what to expect.  They knew she is full of energy, but early in the morning, most people are half awake. […]