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Forget Valentine’s Day – February 14 is Angry Birds Day

The days of roses and boxes of heart shaped chocolates are over!  OK, maybe not, but Valentine’s Day is getting an upgrade this year – Angry Birds style!


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This Dog Should Join The Circus!

Not sure what it is, but there is always something entertaining about pets that do goofy things.  Not sure if this is natural for the dog, or if his owner has WAY too much time […]


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The Man Of Many Passions

Cheech Marin grew into popularity in the 1970s due to his stand up and comedy movies with buddy Tommy Chong.  While he was into being goofy and doing drugs in the 70s, there is more […]


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Sony To Give Out Free Stuff To Handheld Owners!

Even though I am a huge video game player, I haven’t really been interested in handheld video game devices since my GameBoy broke YEARS back.  There is still a heated battle in the handheld device […]


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Is That REALLY You On Facebook?

If  you thought Facebook was a good way to wind down after a long day, and thought you could escape real life on it, you’re mistaken.  A new study shows that there is a close […]



FourSquare Combines With SinglePlatform To Create Better User Experience!

FourSquare as been a fun smart phone program to see all the places your friends like the hang out and spend most of their time.  The “check-in” program released their “explore” feature that allowed users […]


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Comcast Allows You To Watch TV On Your Phone

There are a ton of great products to be able to watch TV on your phone.  But many times you have to subscribe to a ton of different services to get exactly what you want.  […]


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Properly Track Your Fitness Progress

When it comes to weight loss, there are two ways to do things: the normal way and the nerdy way.  The normal way is just in “GO MODE” 100% of the time, and the nerdy […]


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Be Sneaky While Looking At Facebook

Some of us just get that itch when we haven’t logged onto Facebook in the past 15 minutes.  And being at work makes that itch worse because we have to either sneak in our Facebook […]


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Twitter Record Set With The Help Of Tim Tebow

Out of all the possible things trending on Twitter, Tim Tebow is one of them.  A new record was set on Twitter, and it’s all because of Tebow!