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Miniatures of brides and grooms are disp

Wedding Party Falls Into Lake!

Some major words of wisdom for weddings is that things will go wrong during the wedding.  It might be something HUGE.  It might be something small, but something will probably go wrong.  But that doesn’t […]



Little Kid Has Boogers!

Some videos just need to be seen by everyone!  We ran across one of the funniest videos we have ever seen.  It’s simple.  A little boy is eating his breakfast and then sneezes and gets […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (06.22.12)

If you missed any part of Buck and Coop this wonderful Friday, I feel bad for ya!  You missed A LOT!  Buck and Coop gave away the last few passes to the Buck and Coop […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (06.19.12)

So much happened during Buck and Coop today, and if you missed it, I feel BAD for you!  Don’t be bummed out though!  You can relive what happened during the show in today’s podcast!  They […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (06.12.12)

I can’t believe it!  So much happened on Buck and Coop today, if you didn’t listen, you really missed out!  Coop apologized to his mom for falling asleep when she came to visit.  Buck answered […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (06.07.12)

If you missed Buck and Coop today, you missed A LOT.  But don’t be bummed out, we have the ENTIRE show for you on podcast!  Today, Buck and Coop talked about how long an engagement […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (06.06.12)

If you missed Buck and Coop this morning, you missed A TON of great things.  To start off the morning, Buck and Coop talked about what type of ladies are out there.  They wanted to […]


(Photo courtesy of FBI/Newsmakers)

What’s Your Price?

Recently our friend Kaitlan Welton, Maxim Hometown Hottie 2012 from South Lyon was propositioned for sex on Twitter! This happens to girls all time via social networking. Mega creeps just doing their creepy thing on […]


US President Barack Obama speaks during

Barack Obama Called Me Maybe!

By now you must have heard the crazy popular song “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. If you haven’t…you definitely live under a rock or something lol Well, Buck and Coop made their own […]


Buck and Coop

Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (5.31.12)

If you missed Buck and Coop today, there is just SO much you missed!  First off, you missed One Direction tickets!  You can win them again tomorrow at 7:30 AM! Coop also complained about going […]





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