Buck and Coop

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Joe Kocur Foundation And Former Red Wings Support Family Of Fallen Officer!

Even with the NHL lockout, you can still enjoy watching some Red Wings take the ice.  You can also support the family of fallen West Bloomfield officer, Patrick O’Rourke.  Red Wing great, Joe Kocur, wanted […]



Enjoy The New And Improved World Of Rdio!

Almost two months ago, Buck and Coop ran across this really cool new program on their iPhones called Rdio.  They quickly learned it’s a great way to listen to certain songs, on demand.  With over 18 […]



A Baby Coop Is On The Way

Buck and Coop had a HUGE announcement this morning about how the show was about to change.  People were guessing all morning what the announcement was, but no one got it right.  That is when […]



Fievel Goes West In Buck’s Grill

Usually when people have rodent problems, it’s inside the house, maybe in the kitchen or basement.  Well, Buck recently ran into a rodent problem, and it’s not just one!  He was checking out his grill […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (09.04.12)

There are thousands of Michigan kids heading back to school this week, so Buck and Coop thought it would be great to wake up some kids for school this morning in the most annoying way […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (08.31.12)

Today’s show was a great way to finish off a week, and start a long weekend.  Buck and Coop sent you off to your Labor Day Weekend with a ton of stuff that you can […]



Buck Head Discusses Prince Harry On TMZ Live!

One of the biggest stories right now is how Prince Harry was caught partying pretty hard in Las Vegas, and some random person thought it would be great to snap a few naked pictures of […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (08.20.12)

Monday morning was kicked off in true Buck and Coop fashion!  Buck and Coop talked about how one of them cheated on their woman, and exactly how they reacted.  Coop also described his experience with […]



Buck And Coop’s Daily Podcast (08.15.12)

Big day on Buck and Coop this morning, especially with the Power Ball drawing being over $300 Million!  Buck and Coop had 98 tickets to the Power Ball drawing to give away, and listeners could […]



Buck And Coop: After The Show (07.27.12)

The CRAZIEST things happen when Buck and Coop don’t have the microphones turned on.  Sometimes they tease each other, other times they talk about things they just can’t talk about on air.  That’s what they […]