Buck Head’s New Puppy Meets His Old Puppy

As a Valentine’s surprise for Ali, Buck Head brought home a Cavachon puppy named Lucifer. What exactly was old puppy Bubba‘s reaction?


Buck Head Asks: Is This Animal Abuse?

Buck Head‘s dog, Bubba, is getting some “special” treatment for the holidays. So you tell him… is this animal abuse or what?


Buck Head’s Dog Is A Racehorse?

Lookout, Kentucky Derby contenders… because it looks like Buck Head‘s dog, Bubba, is training for the race!


Buck Head’s Dog = Scared (Part 3)

It’s Halloween month… and that means it’s an especially appropriate time for Buck Head‘s dog, Bubba, to be scared… again!


Bubba’s Balloon Scare

Buck Head‘s dog, Bubba, got scared again… but what kind of balloons could he possibly be scared of? They must be pretty menacing, right?


Buck Head’s Dog In Hiding?

This is hands down the cutest video Buck Head has recorded in a while. His dog Bubba is in hiding somewhere in the closet… can you see him?


What Is Buck’s Dog Barking At?

Buck Head‘s dog, Bubba, is at it again. What could possibly be making him bark like that? Watch and see…


Buck Head’s Dog Dislikes Tornadoes

Poor Bubba… Buck Head brought him outside on Sunday to see how he would react to the tornado sirens… major DISLIKE!


Buck Head’s Dog Meets The Basketball

What would happen if Buck Head‘s little dog, Bubba, had a big ‘ol basketball to play with? Conveniently, it’s all caught on video…