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Man Pretends To Be Homeless And Makes Tons of Money!

Remember the story back in November about the New York cop who saw a barefoot homeless guy in Times Square, and bought him a pair of boots?  Yeah . . . turns out the homeless […]

98.7 AMP Radio–03/28/2013

I Couldn’t Believe What This Guy Said About Girls Who Wear Uggs

We Definitely had some drama during the show this week when a certain guy called in and basically bashed all girls that wear Uggs… I couldn’t believe what this guy is saying… One of my […]


Uggs Are Bad… Mmmmkay?

The U.K.’s Telegraph reports that fashionable Ugg-ish boots may be damaging your feet. Podiatrists and chiropadists believe the boots, which are particularly popular among young teenage girls, are leading to a rise in the number […]