Hide Your Texts From Your Mom!

There are way too many apps out there for everyone to keep track of, and in most cases, there are more apps that provide the same service than is necessary. Some will cost you money […]


5 Web-Base Food Delivery Services

Depending on where you live, a delicious meal can be yours just by opening your web browser. Of course word of mouth from friends is always good, but finding the best grub on your own is even […]


BlackBerry Messenger On iPhone!

Picture this: you have a BlackBerry and your friend has an iPhone, but every time you text it counts because you’re on different operating systems. Well, what if your friend with the iPhone got the […]


Who Says Pretty Girls Don’t Use Androids?

Does your phone depict whether you err on the side of geeky or pretty? Apparently some think so. The CEO of the Android handset-making INQ took improper generalization and sexism to a whole new level […]

03/07/2011 Intel’s New Director of Creative Innovation

Just when you thought a celebrity couldn’t make it any bigger, you thought wrong. “Director of Creative Innovation” is the newest job title to add to the luxurious resume of hip hop star


Ford SYNC Destinations App

Most people these days are smartphone users, which means, regardless of which phone you have or what Network you belong to, you have an abundance of navigation apps to get you from point A to […]


My Smart Phone Is Better Than Yours

Any time you come across a person who loves technology, they will usually put up a pretty good argument for what ever phone they currently have. Whether it be the iPhone, an Android, a Blackberry […]


Texting While Flying

Singapore Airlines says it will soon offer passengers the option of staying connected at 35,000 feet, including via cell phone.