Big Boy

Big Boy Got An iPad

“Imma eat you iPad…” Big Boy always wanted an iPhone but couldn’t because he has sausage link fingers and they’re are too fat for the screen. So to fix that, Big Boy went out and bought […]


Found This Old Pic Of Me…

The day I turned 9, I remember it like it was yesterday…


Should I Get A Segway?

It’s Spring and everyone else is exercising… meanwhile, I’m thinking about going out and buying a Segway scooter! Now, I normally take a cab to go across the street. I’m the guy you don’t want […]


Justin Bieber?

You must be reading this and looking at the picture wondering “why in the world is this article titled ‘[lastfm]Justin Bieber[/lastfm]‘“. Well, click the button that says more and I will tell you why this pic […]


Which One Were You?

It’s safe to say I was a Kelly Kapowski fan, I feel 90% of the guys out there are Kelly fans. Don’t worry guys, this isn’t just for girls – there’s more for you in […]


How You Can Buy A $5M House And Not Work… EVER!

Kim Kardashian just bought a dope crib and I’m jealous because, what has she ever done to deserve this? We allllll work much harder… Kim just bought a new house that’s worth like 5 million […]


21 Things You Don’t Know About Big Boy

I actually enjoyed the movie “P.S. I Love You” I played basketball in a church league when I was 11 and had to wear a “coach’s” jersey to fit me.. I can cook Italian food […]


HAHAHA Guess Who This Is?

Check it out! This is the guy that Ronnie knocked out on MTV’s Jersey Shore. This guy just lost another fight. Seriously, he must hate life…